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We all know the infamous shoe brand Adidas, but does anyone know about Parley for the Oceans? Parley is a space where creators and companies and individuals can team up in the fight for keeping our oceans beautiful. They believe that the creative minds, filmmakers, actors, musicians, journalists, painters, etc hold the power to clean up the mess that we have made in the oceans and on the beaches. That is why Adidas has teamed up with them to make recycled shoes that have the potential to save the oceans. They have taken plastic waste from the oceans and the beaches and turned it all into a sleek, fashionable running shoe.

They have made a few types of sneakers but the two that seem to be most popular or celebrated right now are the EQT shoe and the adizero Prime Parley, also made into a running spike sneaker. This collection came out at the start of the IAAF World Championship where Shaunae Miller and Tori Bowie, both US Olympic gold medallist sprinters and IAAF World Championship competitors, Yohan Blake, from Jamaica and Wayde Van Niekerk, the current 400m world record holder from South Africa all are fans of this shoe. From Adidas News Stream, Wayde Van Niekerk said that “The adizero Prime Parley makes me fast, agile and light on my feet. Knowing that I can help protect the oceans, while doing what I love and achieving my best speeds is an amazing feeling.”

As for the EQT shoe collection, they teamed up with three creatives, Sophie Green, Anna Maria Guerra and Ella Groener to come up with the ideas behind these shoes. Matthias Amm, the category director of adidas Running is very excited to have teaming up with Parley and Olympic runners saying, “It is a privilege to work with world-class athletes…and designing products that aid their performance is key. As a result, we have created a design that feels natural and helps athletes perform at their best under immense pressure. By integrating Parley Ocean Plastic™ into the silhouette it allows us to make this about more than just breaking world records, we are helping to save the Oceans, one pair at a time.”

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I Got The Power

Words: Chris Law

Photography: Othello Banaci

Fashion: ‘A Guy and A Girl’

Creative: Chris Sandford

Location: Life Time Athletic at Sky



Before he was Tommy, Ghosts’ right-hand man on hit show, Power, Joseph Sikora was a Catholic from  Chicago who had guest-star roles on your favorite shows. Now he’s filming sex scenes we envy, murder scenes we can’t look away from, and becoming the actor we root for.


WARNING: This article may contain some spoilers, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.


It’s Friday morning and I’m waiting for our phone interview to begin. After a few minutes, I hear a “Hello,” and I’m instantly shook. I know that voice all too well. The deep yet raspy “I’ll fuck you up” voice that pours out of television sets across the nation every Sunday at 9pm. Although he sounds like Tommy, the psychotic yet lovable guy we’ve grown to love and respect – it’s not him. It’s Joseph Sikora, serious actor, husband, and the subject of our cover. By the time this issue prints, season four will have ended and filming for season five will have just begun. Currently, Power is the second most watched show on premium-cable behind Game of Thrones. The show has captivated audiences nationwide with its gritty scenes, rollercoaster-ride writing, and cliffhangers that leave us wanting more.


While his role on Power is probably his biggest break to date, it’s certainly not the only role he has played. From his first commercial with Michael Jordan as a kid, to playing a pregnant man on Grey’s Anatomy, Sikora’s ability to transform and act alongside some of the greatest in the industry must be acknowledged.

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