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Brooklyn Model And Newest Rap Star Shawn “EROCK” Sutton’s ’16’ Mixtape Is Worth The Listen

Model Shawn “EROCK” Sutton, who appeared in our 2009 fall cover of Bleu Magazine, is Brooklyn’s newest face of rap as he debuted his “16” mixtape back in April, and is worth the listen to new hip-hop fans.


“It is my hope to inspire the black youth with dreams whether they be hoop ones or rap ones. Even the nerdy awkward kid that gets picked on. I want to encourage them, not to limit themselves, or give up on success. Always going hard for what you believe in and empowering others to believe. From the projects of your city to Beverly Hills, never lose sight of your goals. Always strive for a way out, even in the face of adversity.”


The sensational model, who has worked with brands such as Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger, Ted Baker, Target and even Macy’s, living the dream of writing and singing music. He’s been recording and making beats at the age of 16. EROCK finally debuted a mixtape that brings a classic sound to the current hip-hop world. The track list features guests such as Tory Lanez, Mr.Papers, and a few of his #GBM affiliates. Watch the “April 16” music video and listen to the tracks on Soundcloud below:





The author: RaymondM