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Donald Glover Revealed Son’s Name And Last Album At The 2017 Governors Ball

Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino in other peoples eyes, wow the crowd performing multiple songs from his Awaken, My Love! album, revealed his son’s name and said that the next album will be his last at the 2017 Governors Ball.


“This song is dedicated to everybody in this crowd and my young son, Legend,” Glover told the crowd before performing “Baby Boy” from Awaken, My Love!, according to Pigeons and Plane.


Last October there were reports of Glover and his girlfriend becoming parents, but didn’t reveal anything regarding the name. He thanked his girlfriend and son at the Golden Globe Awards, and now revealed Legend to the entertainment world. The 33-year-old at the end of his performance left the stage and said, “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.”


It makes sense for Glover to stop making music when he’s now becoming a rising star actor in the Hollywood world. He’s playing lead roles for the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo movie and the live adaptation of “The Lion King.” In addition is gonna be an executive producer for the Deadpool series. A lot of great opportunities are coming for Gambino and wants to leave his music career on a high note.


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