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Parents Looking at Adoption are Facing Challenges as Global Adoption is Shrinking

There is nothing as fulfilling for parents as having the opportunity to care and raise children. In some cases, couples are forced to adopt children if they find it difficult to have children of their own.


A few decades ago, adopting a child in the US was a pretty straightforward affair and appeared to focus more on the need of the children being adopted. Some of these children were raised in abusive families with parents who were alcoholics or drug addicts. In other instance, infants were born to teenagers who felt they were not in a position to become parents. Adoption was seen as a mutual benefit; assisting needy children in impoverished communities while at the same time fulfilling a dream for couples without children of their own.


In the recent past, however, adoption in the US has been riddled with a lot of controversies. This has led to a significant drop in the number of adoptions taking place nationally. What are the main reasons for this decline?

Demand Outstretches the Supply


While adoption should be humanitarian at its core, it appears that the child adoption process has been turned into a booming business.


And this is mainly caused by a large number of couples seeking to adopt children. It is estimated that there are over 1 million couples in the US trying to find a child to adopt at any given time. This is against the backdrop of limited options worldwide.


Increase in Cases of Fraud


With such stiff competition for children to adopt, a fertile ground for fraud in the sector has emerged. There are many cases of dummy agencies that have used the internet to fleece couples seeking to adopt children. There have also been cases that have made it into the public domain, such as the case of a Texas woman who ran away with a cool $22,225 by pretending to be pregnant with twins she was ready to give up for adoption.


Although this lady was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison, she is an example of the increasing number of frauds that have plagued the child adoption arena in the US.


These cases are the few that catch the public’s eye. There are unfortunately many other would-be adoptive parents that are swindled and their stories never become public.


Most Adoption Agencies in the US have Shut Down


Due to the fraudulent nature of some of the programs in the US, a number of them have been shut down by the National Council for Adoption.


A few others had to shut down since they were not able to meet the demand. These closures have further exacerbated the decline of adoptions across the US.


If you want to go through the county foster adopt program, you might have to brace yourself for a long wait. This is due to the fact that the number of children up for adoption has declined significantly; or more probably there are just too many American couples – 1 million at any given time to be precise – also seeking to adopt.


Be aware that there are fraudsters out there and therefore you need to be extremely careful when choosing an adoption agency. However, never give up because there is nothing more fulfilling on earth as being a parent.

The author: RaymondM