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The Rafter Club Launch Party Turned Out To Be A Major Hit

This past Thursday, The Rafter Club hosted an NBA Finals Game One party in celebration of the launch of their new basketball-inspired menswear brand. The party took place in the beautiful lounge of The Seymour in Chelsea, Manhattan with tasty hors d’oeuvres and an open bar. Party-goers were also able to try on Rafter’s handmade Italian dress shoes. People were blown away by how unique, high quality, and comfortable the shoes are.


Rafter pulls inspiration from the creativity and passion that goes into the design of basketball sneakers to re-imagine traditional dress shoes. Sneakerheads were excited to finally find formal, appropriate shoes they would actually feel good wearing. For Rafter, this party marked the beginning of a series of events that allow people to come together over their shared love for basketball in a classy, chill atmosphere much like a golf or polo club. This is just with a little more hip-hop flavor.


Photo credit: Humai Mustafa