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A&E Network Moving Biographies On Biggie And Tupac To Later Dates

A&E Network made an announcement of moving the biography movies on Tupac and Biggie to later dates this year. “Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G” will air on September 4 at 8PM and “Who Killed Tupac?,” which will air in six weekly installments, moves to Q4 2017.


Very shocking news for those that wanted to see these biographies. Everyone knows the songs, history and impact that these two icon rappers have down within the hip-hop world. But they don’t know the behind the scenes and even their presence with close friends and colleagues.


“The late Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur continue to impact the world two decades after their tragic, unsolved murders and there is still a public longing to connect with these figures and to celebrate their legacies,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming; A&E Network. “We pride ourselves in delivering projects under the ‘Biography’ banner that unearth a side of the story that the public has never seen before. In the case of “Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.,” the foundation of this biography is exclusive archival footage and audio recordings of Biggie himself, packaged in a way that allows him to tell his own life story as if its present day and we are truly excited to be able to bring that kind of intimacy and connection to his fans.”


There is always that what if for these two legends that could have really shaped hip-hop in their own way. Now fans and viewers can see what Biggie and Tupac went through on becoming stars.

The author: RaymondM