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Equal Justice Initiative Launches ‘Lynching in America’ Website

With the help of Google and its support to racial justice work, Equal Justice Initiative organization officially launches the “Lynching in America” website, which brings in-depth research and data with the stories of lynching victims, as told by their descendants.


“Google has been able to take what we know about lynching, and what we have heard from the families, and what we have seen in the spaces and the communities where these acts of terror took place, and make that knowledge accessible to a lot more people. To create a platform for hearing and understanding and seeing this world that we’ve lived through. — Bryan Stevenson, founder and Executive Director, EJI


The “Lynching in America” website features six audio stories and a short documentary called “Uprooted.” Any user on the site will hear and feel the impact of this dark time for those that were part of racial terror lynching. There are also in-depth profiles of the stories behind the violence.


“Google’s mission statement is universal access to information and knowledge for everyone. What’s important about EJI’s Lynching in America project is that they are giving everyone access to untold stories of our racial history and helping people develop a deeper understanding for how we have gotten to where we are in this country. — Justin Steele, Principal, Google.org”


Click here to go to the website and find out the history of Lynching and how it affects individuals of color.

The author: RaymondM