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What is the Natural Hair Growth Rate? 

Almost everyone in the world wants a thick, luscious mane. Thick, flowing hair has always been seen as a sign of wealth and health. Many people think having healthy hair is genetic. They do not understand that hair is not only a consequence of genetics but also of your current lifestyle. To understand how to increase your hair’s rate of growth, the first thing you need to understand is the science of your hair.


Science of Hair


You develop hair while you’re still a fetus in the womb. While still in the womb, your scalp develops approximately five million hair follicles all over the body with approximately one million solely on the head.


The major features of hair are the root, also known as the follicle, which is embedded deep in the skull, and the shaft, which is visible to the world. There is an intricate system of blood vessels, glands, and skin layers at the root of the hair that helps it perform all its necessary functions. The hair follicle has two layers, the inner and outer layer. The outer layer is connected to the network of capillaries underneath the top layer of the skin.


How Fast Does Hair Grow?


So, how fast does hair grow exactly? The hair on a person’s head grows approximately a quarter of an inch every month. It sheds constantly in its own cycle. There are three parts to hair shedding and regrowth: anagen, telogen, and catagen.

Tips on Helping Hair Grow Faster


There are many tips on how to grow your hair faster and make it healthier.


  1. Pay attention to what you eat. Certain food like salmon, blueberries, spinach and other leafy greens can help promote hair growth.
  2. Drink more water. Never underestimate the power of water. Drinking plenty of water not only helps the skin become clear and glowing but also increases the growth of healthy hair follicles.
  3. Do not wash your hair every single day. This may be incredibly difficult for some people. However, if you wash your hair every few days, you will notice that it is growing a lot faster than ever before. This is because your scalp’s own oils will be able to work instead of being washed away every day.
  4. Stop using any heat products. This means you cannot dry your hair into a quiff every morning. You need to learn how to style your hair using only your hands and maybe some gel.
  5. Massage your scalp. This may be a new concept to many of you guys but massaging your head a couple times a week or even once a month with coconut or olive oil can really promote hair growth. The massage stimulates blood vessels in the head to increase the growth of hair.
  6. Stop stressing out. Having a stressful life can reduce hair growth greatly. If you relax and take care of your mental health, growing thick, healthy hair will be a lot easier.




If you are serious about growing healthy, strong hair there are many things you can do. However, to truly see a change in your life you need to make a lifestyle change by living a healthier, stress-free life. If you’re already experiencing hair loss, there are treatments that can help you reverse hair loss or stop it altogether. Don’t be afraid to search for a solution and see which ones are more fitting to your condition.