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Raury’s Showstopping Move at the D&G Fashion Show

Images and videos have emerged of Atlanta singer Raury staging a protest at the Dolce & Gabbana Milan SS18 show.


Raury was picked to be one of the fashion houses “influencer” models and flew to Milan excited to be part of the show. Upon arrival, he googled the brand, so that he would not confuse the two head designers. He happened to stumble across a model wearing “a #boycott Dolce & Gabbana” t-shirt which the brand made in response to people who criticized them for dressing Melania Trump, which was considered to be an endorsement of Trump.



Raury was offended, telling GQ that the shirt “completely makes a mockery of what ‘boycotting’ is. Boycotting is the people’s voice. A protest is the people’s voice. It has power. It changes things.”


Raury decided that he was not going to stand in support of Dolce & Gabbana. He waited until the finale walk of the show to take off his hoodie to reveal the phrases “PROTEST D&G,” “GIVE ME FREEDOM,” and “I AM NOT YOUR SCAPEGOAT” painted across his body.


As a result, Raury was thrown out of the show, and was edited out of the post-show footage until now. Take a look a video of Raury being thrown out below: