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Three Gym Bags You Need To Buy Right Now For The Summer

Taking a stylish and durability gym bag can be expensive depending on the brand. But it’s better to invest in a new one than carrying workout clothes in the same dirty bag. According to Men’s Health, these three gym bags are under $100 dollars and can last for a long time. Check them out below:


1. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team

via Nike


The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team features a separate wet/dry section where you can store sweaty clothes separately from wet clothes, interior sleeve to protect your laptop, and a separate compartment that can hold a shoe size up to 15. It is available for $48 dollars at checkout comparable to the original price, which was $90.


2. Adidas Defense Medium Duffel Bag

via Adidas


This classic Adidas duffel bag at $19.99 features two side pockets, padded shoulder strap and a spacious middle pocket that can store the common essentials. These can vary from sneakers to gym clothes to tech gear. It’s pretty cheap for those that want a simple bag.


3. Nike Engineered Ultimatum Duffel Bag

via Nike


The Nike Engineered Ultimatum Duffel Bag is water resistant and features three different pockets (foil-lined beverage, secret tablet and hidden phone). This bag may be pricey at $71.98 but worth the value and would definitely make colleagues and gym rats jealous.


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