Sean Azeez-Bright | BLEU

#IAMWHOIAM# Antony Morato Fall/Winter 17-18

Antony Morato Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection encapsulate nature, in its deepest core taking focus around the primal elements of earth, water, air, and fire. The collection is meant for a man to break enclosures and ties, giving him an opportunity to express himself through his style of clothing/dressing as a statement. This collection is entitled #IAMWHOIAM#.


Fundamental elements of black, gold, and silver are the predominant colors in the collection allowing a man to reveal his own substance and desires in the world of contemporary fashion.


The black collection draws inspiration from the opponents between earth and man, which is a contrast of key metropolitan design, merging military style with embellishment touches of fur and woolen embroidery. Every item in the collection is characterized as a statement piece with intense colors and textures drawing resemblance of work from the like of Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Tones of sea water blue to the stages of a gray type of chilly and humid environments are the inspirations for the gold collection, consisting of minimal details and rigorous cuts through urban and natural rudiments.


Air is the inspiration drawn upon for the silver collection, focusing on technical fabrics and aesthetic, which outlines sports and urban context within the collection. Each of these elements, earth, water, and air, merged together to generate fire in the same way. This collection tells the story of Antony Morato as a brand which signifies its own dynamism and dramatic style.



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