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Feel The Love With Royce Lovett

Royce Lovett, Tallahassee native singer-songwriter, is the perfect representation of what music is today. His music’s soulfulness does not fit into a single genre. Instead it incorporates hip-hop, gospel, Motown, and many more elements, creating an eclectic sound that is all his own.


Lovett released his newest 7-song album entitled “Love and Other Dreams,” produced and co-written by Max Stark this past week. His unmistakeable voice, melodic guitar rifts, and urban flair accompany his profound lyrics. He grabs hold of the listener and seamlessly transports them through the many “realities of life,” whether is it love, joy, or pain.


“When listeners hear this, I hope they walk away feeling encouraged and heroic,” states Lovett. “I don’t think music changes people. That comes from within. I do think that music can push them over the edge and bring them closer together though.”


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