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Hip-Hop Tops Rock As The Most Popular Genre In The U.S.

The most popular country in the Unites States ain’t Rock, it’s hip-hop, according to Nielsen.


For the first time in Nielsen Music history, R&B/hip-hop took 25.1 percent of the volume, which is based on albums, track sales, audio and video streams. Rock was always number one in the past. Now they slip to second at 23 percent, but still has 40 percent of albums. However, hip-hop dominated in streams at 30 percent compare t0 Rock at 18 percent.


The leading headliners are Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Drake’s album “More Life” earned 385 million streams for its song compare to Lamar, who had 341 million streams for “DAMN.” Fans are really listening to them and other artists that really change hip-hop. Pop culture continues to rise in different communities and they love to hear artists make incredible music through hard work and dedication.

The author: RaymondM