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3 Ways To Improve Health And Wellness When Living The Urban Lifestyle

Anyone who lives in the heart of the city will tell you that urban living has its advantages, but it’s also draining with all the noise and pollution circulating in the air. The level of pollution puts the brakes on our hustle because we begin to feel sluggish and ineffective the more we suck it down.


There are things you can do to improve your overall health and wellness when living an urban lifestyle. Here are three ways to handle city living while still looking and feeling good.


Clubs are the new Gym


We think of clubs as fun places to hang out, but the dance floor isn’t empty the whole night. Getting up, dancing and mingling with the ladies shaking their thang feels good, but it also exercises more than just the mind. Constantly dancing for just 15 minutes is as energetic as a slow 30-minute walk and burns just as many calories too.


So, if your social calendar doesn’t permit visits to the gym to work out, then get on over to the club to party. Bear in mind that it doesn’t do any good if you’re sucking down the alcohol while there. One way to avoid that is to be the designated driver for your small group.


Set Exercise Goals for You & Your Pet


It might seem strange to set a weight loss and exercise goal for your pet, but if they’re overweight and get a check up regularly then a good vet will either be recommending more exercise or a specially formulated meal plan pretty soon. There’s no reason you cannot be proactive and take action ahead of their recommendation.


Supporting your dog with more exercise acts as a good way to socialize them if he or she is having trouble interacting with people. They get the chance to meet up with other dogs and check them out too. If your dog has a problem with barking randomly or uncontrollably then there are small devices that emit a high-pitched sound that dogs can hear, which warns them to stop barking. If your dog is older and struggling a bit, then perhaps take a look at this Canna-Pet Review to see whether the product might be useful for your best four-legged friend.


Meditation to Promote Wellness


Calming the mind so one can think clearly and relax from the everyday stresses is a helpful practice. It might seem too self-help focused, but for someone willing to give it a try, there are some very good results that come from it.


There’s a ton of meditation apps available for iOS and Android that provides a peaceful atmosphere to get yourself into the right state. Some are free; others are paid apps. Even self-help guru Tony Robbins uses a meditation app to get into the right state, so there could be something to it.


Dealing with the rough and tumble of city living isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Staying healthy and having a keen eye on your wellness makes it easier to live through each day successfully without feeling completely worn out at the end of it.