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Vanguard the new Eau de Parfum For Men

Founded in 2016, Mr Vanguard is a British brand looking to capture the essence of modern man in its debut fragrance – Vanguard Eau de Parfum for men. This striking new perfume is just the beginning for a brand which intends to provide fashion tools that encapsulate the true nature of men who take pride in their appearance and want to be on trend while still forging their own way.


The fragrance is a complex mix, with its roots in the hot and tropical climates of the Far East and the Caribbean. Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and coconut give way to a heart of jasmine, lily of the valley, vetiver, and rose. The base notes are amber, vanilla, cedarwood and patchouli.


The overall effect is an attention-grabbing scent that doesn’t overpower.

It’s obvious that attention to detail has been given to packaging too. The modern spherical yet squared-off bottle, in clear glass, is streamlined and discreet. It’s practical too, is easy to open and close, then put away quickly and smoothly.


Vanguard Eau de Parfum embodies the strong, confident nature of a man who aspires to be a leader in his field, and it’s a promising start for this new London-based team who offered the fragrance that will enhance the look and feel of being Mr. Vanguard.


Vanguard Eau de Parfum is now available at £64.99 at including postage and packaging.

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