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Total Request Live Is Coming Back On MTV

Total Request Live, one of MTV‘s most popular shows from 1998-2008, makes its return on Monday, Oct 2, at the network’s iconic Time Square studio.


“If we’re going to come back and reinvent MTV, the studio is a given,” MTV President Chris McCarthy revealed during an interview with The New York Times, according to MTV. “It is the centerpiece.”


This studio was the best destination for millions of fans to meet up and talk about upcoming music. The place being a multi-functional studio allows bigger audiences and social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be used throughout the program. The show is schedule to run for an hour and will feature a rotation of five hosts: D.C. Young Fly, Erik Zachary, Amy Pham, Tamara Dhia and Lawrence Jackson.

The most notable stars made their mark on the show and certainly its next generation will take it to the next level.



The author: RaymondM