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Colin Kaepernick Continues To Be Blackballed By The NFL

The NFL just continues to disappoint Colin Kaepernick supporters in letting get an opportunity to compete for a starting quarterback position. The fact that Jay Cutler was signed by the Miami Dolphins shows how owners view Kaepernick. His kneel down during national anthems last season gives an indication that they blackballed him because of what he did, and that’s just wrong.


NFL players tend to make bonehead decisions that jeopardize their career. It can be assaulting a woman out of rage or frustration. It can even be doing drugs that results into long term suspensions. But all these criminal acts gives players a second chance to be civil in public. As for Kaepernick, he doesn’t do anything of this. This is a good man who just plays football every Sunday during the season and wants to win games. For standing up to what he believes is right in kneeling down and not voting for a corrupt individual in Donald Trump is something to clap about.


The first amendment gives citizens their freedom of speech on any issues or problems. Owners shouldn’t be disrespecting the man’s belief. They should be looking at his level of play on the field. Last season with a horrendous wide receiving group and bad defense, Kaepernick had 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. This is a tremendous TD:Int ratio even for a backup quarterback.


Most starting quarterbacks don’t even have these stats and yet they have a job. Most of them don’t even a solid playoff record and going to the Super Bowl, but they have a job. The 29-year-old still capable of playing with the right pieces around him and good coaching.


Now injuries are already happening in training camps, which can open the door for Kaepernick. But will any owner be willing to take all that drama to win football games? Probably not. Still there is always that one team desperate for a QB who can run and throw out of the pocket. Blackballing a player makes the league look bad. Maybe Rodger Goodell can persuade owners in giving Kaepernick an opportunity to compete for a job. Otherwise expect rallies and protests in different cities until he signs with an NFL team.

The author: RaymondM