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Why Being a Comic Book Artist is Pretty Much Like Being an Engineer

First, engineers aren’t formally trained to develop new comic book character concepts and comic artists don’t know the first thing about mechanical drafting. Making a comparison between comics and engineers isn’t about trying to measure whose job is more complex or which one is more highly trained, but there is a lot of overlap in what they do in principle. Both master of engineering in biomedical engineering degree holders and skilled comic book artists create things. Neither of them actually creates tangible things, but instead, they are masters of ideas. While you don’t have to be a college graduate to create successful and critically acclaimed comic books or graphic novel, you do need to know how comics are structured. Within each page, there are panels, which are supported by dialogue. A single comic book can tell a complete story or be just a small sliver of an ongoing dialogue.


How Are Cartooning and Engineering Similar?


It has already been explained that engineers and cartoonists create things, but so do a lot of other people. Before you can draw a strong parallel between the art of engineering and compare that to creating a comic strip, you have to look at what comic books really are. Comics are basically visual stories. Although you need to read the text in order to get all the details, the imagery is usually strong enough to depict what the artist wants to convey without words. For a comic book to tell a story, the foundation must be strong. This is why there is an immense amount of weight put on line work in comic books. Sometimes, panels are dark and bold, and other times there will be scenes that spill out and have no borders at all.


What Qualities Do Engineers and Comic Artists Share?


Well, first you have to be a pretty detail oriented person in order to create comics or work in the engineering field. Simply being able to earn an online MEBME degree takes loads of tenacity, which is another trait that comic artists have as well. Both must dedicate themselves to whatever it is they’re working on at present and they can’t abandon ship just because there are complications. There’s a lot of brainstorming involved in cartooning and engineering as each new project has to start from scratch. You won’t find a great many of comic book creators or engineers who are disorganized in their work either, even if they are messy in their everyday lives.


Engineering and Comic Book Creation Requires Continued Learning


The first works of a comic book artist may not be very memorable, but completing them was an educational experience. It’s one thing to sketch up a new character or even outline an idea for a unique story, but you must continually put pad to pencil and write up a tight script in order to finish a great comic book. Engineers also work on projects from beginning to end and they only get better as they go along.


Carpenters craft objects out of wood and songwriters create Billboard hits. Cartoonists and engineers might have more in common than professionals in other fields because they are always thinking of new project ideas while still working on what’s directly in front of them. Sometimes plans get shelved or get canceled because of outside forces, but comic artists and engineers both give their full might to every endeavor they undertake.