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Connecting With: Jacob Latimore

He sings, he dances, he acts, and now he’s all grown up. Jacob Latimore, now 20 years old, has been in the business since he was a child. From Radio Disney to the mainstream urban and hip-hop charts, Latimore now holds the title as actor under his career belt.


The Milwaukee-native came from a family of musicians. His father and uncle were in the gospel group The Latinate Brothers, and his cousin, is R&B singer Kenny Latimore. Keeping with the family tradition Jacob has recently released his debut album Connection, and his new music definitely shows that the singer has matured where as he sings about more relatable issues that someone his age goes through.


If he isn’t in the studio making music, then he’s on set memorizing his lines. Latimore began acting as a tween, around the same time he started his music career. He co-started in several major films including, Black Nativity, Ride Along, and Collateral Beauty.


Jacob Latimore is a busy young man, from recording in the studio to a film set, this singer, actor, and dancer is working on multiple projects Bleu Magazine got a chance to sit and chat with Jacob between his crazy schedule:




What was life like living in Milwaukee?


Life in Milwaukee was cool. I still have family and my closest friends in the city. Just like any city it has its issues, but, for me even at a young age I chose a different route for myself.


How has it been balancing your music career and acting?


It’s been good. My film schedule for sure keeps me busy, but I try to record when I have time off and will be trying to squeeze in some shows during time off as well.


You appeared in numerous movies such as the Maze Runner, Ride Along, & Collateral Beauty; do you want to be a movie star in the future? How do you define movie star?


For me, I want to continue to be a working actor. My film Sleight released in April got really good reviews. I am excited about my next film “Detroit” that will be in theaters August 4th. I am also excited about my movie “Candy Jar” that will be on Netflix.  Currently, I am in Chicago filming a new TV show called “The Chi” with Showtime.




Lets talk about your single, “Mutual” and the album Connection. Mutual is one of my favorite records of my debut album Connection. I love the David Hollister “One Woman Man” sample in the record. I think Mutual is one of the most relatable records out. The record basically tells the story of me or a guy cheating and then finding out his girl is actually cheating as well – definitely not a good a feeling.


What is the daily routine everyday on making music?


I don’t make music daily because I’m filming, however, when I get in the studio it depends on if we are writing a record from scratch or if I have heard a reference of a song that I want to record. We usually record the hook first then go to the verses. But again it depends on who I’m recording with.


Are there any tours in the works?


In between filming I am working on spot dates in the Spring and Summer of 2017 to support my album Connection available on iTunes and other streaming platforms.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?


The most rewarding part of my job is actually working alongside some of the best. I have gotten the chance to work with some of the greats in the biz. Will Smith, Forrest Whitaker, Angela Basset, Kate Winslet, Ed Norton, Helen Merrin, Jennifer Hudson, and Kevin Hart. I also get to do what I love and that’s entertaining people.


Why as an artist is it important to connect with the audience?


Do you want them to give you a different connection compare to other artists? Well if you’re not connecting there may be a problem. A song or movie should bring about some type of feeling, emotion, and memory to the listener or audience.


Recently, you took a fan out for Valentine’s Day, how did that idea come about and how was the experience?


My team came up with the idea. It was a dope time. I think it’s always cool to spend time with your Day 1 fans. We had a good time. Everyone can see the date on my Youtube Channel


What can we find you doing on your free time?


During my free time, I like to sleep if I need the rest and catch up on movies or TV shows that I have missed.




What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?


My biggest accomplishment so far is just being happy. This business can take you into places emotionally that are not healthy.


What is the ultimate goal in your life that you want to accomplish?


The ultimate goal is to be wealthy and healthy. Doing what I love to do.