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DIY Projects Anyone Can Do For Their Pet

Some of us just love DIY, whether it’s the satisfaction of seeing a completed project or the joy of taking an idea from conception to reality, there is something in DIY to appeal to everyone. If you have pets, this opens up entirely new possibilities for projects to add to your repertoire, from kennels and cat beds to pet-proofing your home.


Scratch Posts


Cats absolutely love to scratch and as any cat owner will tell you if you don’t give them something to scratch then you can be sure they’ll sniff out your favorite dress or most cherished coat and use that. Fortunately, making a scratch post that kitty will love is simple and cheap. All you’ll need is a block of wood (the size is up to you) and some rope. Simply fashion the block of wood into a post and then wrap the string tight around it. Use different colored string along its length to make it look nicer in your home and in the eyes of your cat.


Soft Barriers


Some pets are more inquisitive than others and some of them simply cannot be deterred from exploring every nook and cranny of the household. Putting up barriers to stop them can be effective, but they are also often an eyesore. If you feel this is something that you need in your home, however, then consider some more creative solutions. By using a few pieces of wood as rods and a small amount of fabric you can create a fabric pet barrier that can be drawn across like a curtain. This won’t stop all animals, obviously, and the exact nature of your barrier will depend on what pet you have.


Elevated Beds


These are particularly good for the winter months when the floor is often cold. If your pet is on the heavier side then you might want to invest in some metal to build a frame, but if your pet is lighter, however, then try using PVC pipes with the material of your choice stretched over the top.


If your dog is having trouble sleeping and changing their bed isn’t working then you might want to consider CBD oil. CBD containing products, such as those sold by Canna-Pet, is a safe and natural treatment. Check out a Canna-Pet Review online to see for yourself how effective these products are.


A Dog Pond


Here’s one for the hot summer months. Dogs love to swim, especially when the temperature is high, but many of the places they choose to swim such as canals, rivers, and ponds are full of old, stale water, which could contain a variety of parasites and other substances you don’t want your dog ingesting. The easiest way of constructing your own pool for your dog is to dig a hole in the back yard and place a plastic swimming pool inside. You’ll want to devise a way of draining the water, but one possibility is a method to lift the pool out of the hole and tip it. Some commercially available pools have some form of drainage system built in already.


DIY is most rewarding when it is done with purpose and modifying your home and adding new furniture to keep your pets happy is a fantastic opportunity to apply yourself to doing something you love.