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Kyrie and Kobe Introduce The Bruce Lee Kyrie 3

Despite Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland to be the man on another team, he finds time to collaborate with Kobe Bryant to introduce his newest limited edition sneaker: Bruce Lee Kyrie 3.


“So it started off as just an idea,” said Irving, according to a video posted on USA Today. “I was 17 years old playing in the Nike Extravaganza in California, and I ended up wearing these Nike Kobe Bruce Lee editions for that game. And we ended up winning, and from that point on it was hands down my favorite shoe ever. And I was thinking about a way to commemorate that moment as well as the relationship and mentorship that I’ve been able to develop with an incredible person. But that’s aside all that. This is for the culture, and it’s by the culture. I’m excited to show you guys what we have in store. So here we have Kyrie-Kobe collaboration: Bruce Lee Kyrie 3s. Man, this an honor and a blessing, and I can’t wait to share this with the world and ultimately push it forward, continue to do it. All love everybody. Let’s get it.”


These sneakers feature a split Kyrie Irving/ Kobe Bryant logo on the tongue and similar colors from the Kobe V Bruce Lee shoes. The yellow and black colors were inspired by Lee’s jumpsuit worn in the “Game of Death” film. Bryant’s mentorship is definitely helping Irving be a better player and isnot involved in the shocking trade request. Either way the sneakers fit well with most outfits. Take a look at more images of the Bruce Lee Kyrie 3 below:


via gripmagazine.com


via gripmagazine.com


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