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Damian Lillard Relentlessly Working On Second Album

Portland Trail BlazersDamian Lillard, also known as “Dame D.O.L.L.A” off the court, told ESPN that he is working on his second album during the summer.


Lillard has been working in the studio for seven days on the album. As a perfectionist, Lillard wants his lyrics to be on point, reciting lines from his phone and really yelling “Run that back” a lot. There are famous hip-hop artists supporting the 27-year-old’s passion and relentless pursuit of following up to his successful debut album, “The Letter O.”


“Yeah, it’s just been a lot of traffic [in the studio],” Lillard says, according to ESPN‘s Chris Haynes. “People heard the first album and they respected it. I’m pretty sure they can feel the vibe of this next one and it’s going to be better than the first one. So, we’re going to get into it. I’ve been on the phone with other artists to make it big.”


Most NBA athletes making music on the side for fun and entertainment. Iman Shumpert done some tracks and even Shaq when he was playing, but they weren’t as good as Lillard. He taking this as seriously as playing against top point guards in the league. Lillard is a fearless athlete that isn’t afraid of taking big shots, scoring on elite players and leading by example. He hopes fans will get a better feel of him as a passionate individual that wants his music to sound great.


“It’s therapy for sure,” Lillard says, according to ESPN‘s Chris Haynes . “It allows me to put my thoughts on paper and not hold so much inside, whereas I might think about something and put it in a record. So if something is said about me, it will run in my mind and I might address it in a rhyme. Not that I’m taking a shot, but I’m just addressing what I was thinking at the time and it just came out. It allows me to take that angle and to just express myself and to share my feelings and my thoughts. When you listen to my music, you’re going to know that you’re getting the real me, my real thoughts and feelings.

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