A Night Of Empowerment With Kennsington Capital Group and Social Media Influencer Dana Chanel

On Thursday, September 14th in New York City City, Kennsington Capital Group held their First Annual Womens Empowerment Through Real Estate Conference hosted by Dana Chanel– Social Media Influencer and founder of the #1 online ministry in the world-Sprinkle of Jesus. 

Women from New York and surrounding cities gathered for an intimate night filled with valuable knowledge about how to break into the real estate market, strategies to live a life of financial freedom and an opportunity to learn how to become your own boss.


Dana Chanel jump started the conference with a powerful intro stating:

“One thing I’ve realized with a lot of womens empowerement events is that they’re more about honoring a person and them telling their story instead of them telling me the resources to offer me an opportunity”

All facts.  Most women of the 21st century have realized their magic and being empowered is no longer the main objective.  Our main concern now is mastering the ways of creating revenue to provide more for ourselves and as Dana Chanel says, “getting back our options”.

Kennsington Capital Group is doing just that by empowering women (and men alike) and giving them the tools they need to build good credit and embark on a journey of entrepreneurship through real estate.

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