Kayla Davies | BLEU

Denim Trends In Fall

Denim is usually meant for the spring, but recently it is ALL about the denim trends in fall! We thought that denim on denim died like Brittany Spears’ and Justin Timberlake’s relationship in the 2000s. However, it has resurrected from fashion don’t trends and transformed into a classy look! It seems as though the 90s fun trends have mixed with 2000s over done denim outfits.

Light Wash

It sounds strange wearing light colored denim in the fall since everyone knows you cannot wear white jeans after Labor day. However, people are breaking silly fashion rules and creating unique street style outfits. According to Mens Wear Style, “brands have started lightening washes, seemingly adding just a hint of indigo or even bleaching the denim. The result comes off as intentionally faded, like you’ve been wearing them out in the sun for years,”(Ivan Yaskey). Put away your darker wash plain denim and say hello to light worn-out washed colored denim!

Light Wash Denim- Allsaints.com

Denim Dad Hats

The term “Dad Hat” has become a common word for regular baseball caps in 2017! Don’t let the title fool or mislead you though because Dad Hats are very much in for guys and girls! A denim dad hat works perfectly with a lighter wash pair of jeans or black pants.

Denim Dad Hats

Ripped Jeans

Not only is denim 2000s trends are here but grunge is back! The jeans you bought as a teenager that got you into trouble in school are in and better than ever! Stores are making light washed ripped jeans as well as jackets. With the proper outfit coordination, ripped jeans can be worn with a matching ripped jacket.

Ripped Jeans