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Carmelo Anthony Writes Goodbye Letter To New York Knicks

After a sense of renewal for New York basketball and then going through a tough stretch of losing under former president Phil Jackson, it was time for the Knicks to trade Carmelo Anthony and start fresh. Anthony gave it his us in six years with the franchise. Now the 33-year-old leaves them with a heartfelt letter expressing his thoughts on the city.

Here is a portion of Anthony’s letter to New York below:


From the day I first met you, I knew we were meant to be together. It was love at first sight. From a very young age you taught me something that I will never forget- how to survive within the belly of the beast. I must admit it was scary, frightening at times. But, not fully aware of my purpose, I was being molded and prepared for the rest of my life without even knowing. My first nine years went by so fast. By the time I really was starting to understand, it was time for me to move on and start another chapter in my life. That chapter was called BALTIMORE. Instantly, I’d fallen in love again. (Hence the saying LOVE HAS NO BARRIERS). I guess I was all too familiar with the Belly of the Beast. I learned how to survive, I learned the sense of community, I learned about responsibility, as well as becoming a P.O.M.E (Product Of My Environment). You catch my drift. Then I had to depart again to go on this long journey where my ART OF WAR skills would be tested. Lots of good times and lots of bad times. Losing myself at times, questioning myself in the midst of finding KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, and UNDERSTANDING. Several years, months, days, hours, seconds went by and I found myself having an opportunity to get back with my first love. (Its called CIPHER in my lessons). It was a sense of rebirth.

I came to NYC to B (Be) Born again. The sense of something extraordinary happening left me with a lot of sleepless nights dreaming of possibilities. The one thing I kept telling myself was ‘Make my mark in NYC and I’d be a made man’.

New York did treat him poorly ever since he came via a trade, but that didn’t stop him from trying. There was so much dysfunction within the Knicks franchise and it really took a toll on Melo. Maybe a new team is what he needs to be back in the discussion as a top 20 NBA player. But New York will always be in his heart and everyone should remember him as someone that wanted to be here to win a championship, and not use it as a farewell tour.
Read the full goodbye letter from Anthony on thisismelo.com.

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