Caitlin | BLEU

Issue 47: Humans-Dustin Ross

Words by Sable Sweeper

“…Faith,without works, is dead,” is a quote Dustin Ross lives by. The creator and CEO of the Friend Zone tells how he established a way to not hilariously engaged millennials into deep conversation.

What was your motivation behind starting the podcast?

The Friend Zone was created to provide a place where we can grow, learn, and…cuss. We wanted to introduce a conversation about wellness and mental hygiene to an audience that needed it, and we wanted them to laugh along the way.

What can listeners expect from “The Friend Zone” podcast?

Our listeners get the best of both worlds. They get valuable information on wellness, and they get organic belly-laughs along the way. Mix in just enough pop-culture talk, and you’ve got The Friend Zone.

How often are new podcast episodes released?

We release new episodes every Wednesday at 8am on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

As an actor and host, would you suggest someone looking to get into the industry to start with one plan and then branching out, or to tackle everything at once?

My journey as an actor actually is how I ended up with a podcast. I began hosting and emceeing, and discovered a love for public speaking that I never knew I had. So I’d absolutely encourage everyone to set out on a definite plan, but be open to embracing whatever new love you stumble upon along the way. You’d be surprised how it all turns out.