Caitlin | BLEU

Issue 47: Humans-Greg Walker

Words by Sable Sweeper

What is your title?

I am the CEO and President of Icon Entertainment Branding and Marketing Group. Our

goal is to be referred to as “A Team on a Mission to Help Others Realize Their Vision.” If they can

dream it then we can achieve it.

Tell us what was your motivation behind the creation of your company?

I saw a need to fill a void, so I created Icon Entertainment Branding and Marketing Group. There was a

sea of artists and athletes who expressed their inability to achieve their true vision of where they saw

their brand. It was much greater than others had explored. If you can see it then you can live the dream.

Our job is to make sure that the world knows who you are and what your brand is about while achieving

the goals that we as the company and you as the client have set out to accomplish. Icon Entertainment

Branding & Marketing Group has motto that we live by; “Ambition is our driving force…hunger is our


Do you focus on a specific industry?

Our Company focuses on entertainment and sports. We decided to concentrate on an area

that is centered around our strengths. As a moving force in the in public relations Industry which led into marketing and branding, we have nurtured relationships with some of the most notable entertainers and athletes around both past and present. Marketing and branding go hand and hand, without one the other fails.


What is a common question asked when it comes to branding?

Most Clients will ask the question, “Can you help me make my brand a household name?” My response
is, “can a fish swim?” We utilize all of our resources, which are everywhere, to create a buzz that turns into phenomena.

How important is branding to a company’s success?

Branding is everything to a company’s success. If [people] never know your name, then your company doesn’t exist.