Caitlin | BLEU

Issue 48: Humans -Kwasie Kessie

Words by Sable Sweeper

Kwasi Kessie ‘runs’ his brand. The Harlem native and marathoner spends most of his time as a wardrobe stylist and consultant. He explains fashion is more than the clothes you wear… it’s about the energy you create with them.

What inspired you to get into fashion?

My mother, she used to shop at Lord & Taylor and the finer department stores in New York City. Her siblings used to be like “why you dressing your kids in such expensive clothes” and she would say “these are my kids I do what I want.” She kind of put that in my spirit. She always had the foxes and the best everything.

What was your first encounter in the fashion world professionally?

My internship at Sean John. I worked under Puff’s stylist Mike B as his intern. My responsibility [included] dressing Puff every day; to making sure his closet was organized; to packing him on trips. It was like boot camp but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What is your greatest lesson learned from that experience?

Just live in the moment and really understand your role and know that you’re not in the position permanently. You can evolve based on the decisions you make.

How do you create?

I work off of mood boards. Say [it’s] a client that would do red carpet, commercials, video, etc. I would create a mood board based off the events. I would see what colors look well on the client as well as fits. [That way] when it comes time for a certain event, it’s more of a science, rather than “this is hot rock it.”