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Samsung Is Getting More Money From The iPhone X Instead Of The Galaxy S8

According to the WallStreet Journal, “Samsung is set to earn around $110 USD from each iPhone X sold.”

It turns out that Apple needs OLED displays, a NAND flash, and DRAM chips-all in bulk so that it can create it’s new iPhone, which Samsung apparently has. This however does not effect the Company at all because according to The Wallstreet Journal, and HYPEBEAST, “They are responsible for producing Galaxy smartphones, even though the company’s revenue’s from Apple could earn up to about $4 billion USD, which is more than from producing parts for their own phone, the Galaxy S8.”

All of these parts that were ordered are a big part of Samsung’s business, equaling up to about “35 percent of the company’s revenue,” according to The WallStreet Journal, and HYPEBEAST