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3 Reasons Why Cordelia Was The Best Choice As The Supreme

Cordelia Foxx was a character played by Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story: Coven, the third season of the series. This season revolves around a group of witches in a coven, and the new Supreme (the head witch) needs to be selected. By the end of the season, it’s Cordelia who takes the seat, which she rightly deserves. There have been hints of her taking the Supreme seat. Here are 3 reasons why Cordelia was rightly chosen as the Supreme.


1-She was the only one who cared!


Cordelia was the only one who cared about the coven and its occupants. Cordelia was the headmistress of the Miss Robichauxs Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies and made sure the girls were safe. Unlike the previous Supreme, her own mother, Fiona (played by Jessica Lange), she stays and cares to teach the young witches how to harness their powers. She didn’t become the Supreme for power or popularity or even destiny. She did it to watch over other witches and to bring back their coven from ruination. And in the end, when she went public, she urged other witches to take pride in them and to come to her for help.



2-She gouged out her eyes


Cordelia lost her sight in the early episodes, which gave her the premonition ability of The Sight. When she was healed, she lost that ability. When the coven is being hunted by witch hunters, she tried to use potions to get her ability back, but nothing works. We then watched as she slowly picks up gardening shears. The tension is intense and then we watch as she stabs her eyes. If that isn’t devotion for her coven, what is?!


3-It was known from the start


Fans probably already realized that Cordelia was going to be the next supreme, straight from the titles cards.  During the sequence, when Sarah Paulsons name card popped up, they showed Santa Muerte, who is a Mexican folk deity. She also is known as the Lady of Seven Powers. In the show, there are a series of test to see which witch becomes the new supreme called the Seven Wonders. Cordelia was the only one that passed all seven. So, it was from the get-go that Cordelia was the one.