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‘Geralds Game’ Movie Review: Worth The Time For Horror And Stephen King Fans

Geralds Game is a psychological thriller film that came out on September 29, 2017, on Netflix, its based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. It stars Carla Guino and Bruce Greenwood.


The film center around a strained married couple named Jessie (Guino) and Gerald (Greenwood). They go to their private lake house to spice up their love life, but it goes awry. Gerald is a jerk and wants to do a rape fantasy with Jessie while she is handcuffed to the bed. She starts freaking out, yelling at Gerald to stop, he doesn’t. While they are arguing, Gerald keels over from a heart attack (which might have to do with the 2 Viagra pills he popped). Now, Jessie is handcuffed to the bed, with the dead husband on the floor, a starving abandoned dog and a serial killer on the loose. During all this, Jessie has to confront her own inner demons, like how events in her childhood led her to Gerald.


As I mention in a previous article, I am a hardcore Stephen King fan and I read Gerald’s Game, which felt like a feminist novel to me. So, seeing this on the screen was interesting because I didn’t think anyone could do it right. But they did! The movie is so claustrophobic as the entire film is just in that bedroom. You cheer for Jessie as she thinks of ways to survive and raise an eyebrow as she hallucinates Gerald and a confident version of herself both goad and helps her. You feel pity for her as she struggles with buried feelings of Gerald and the person who abused her years before.


This film got great reviews and King himself liked the film. I thought it was great especially the way they filmed it. I love the character Jessie, I cheered and cried for her. I hope other Stephen King fans or just regular movie watchers cheer for her as I did.