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VHS Review

V/H/S is a 2012 horror anthology film that is filmed in found footage reels. There are six stories in all, each with different directors. It is on Netflix now, along with its two sequels. Out of all of them, the first one is the best (which is sadly the truth when it comes to sequels). Each story has different horror genres, so it pretty much all over the place.


The first story, Tape 56, is about a bunch of criminals that are trying to find a specific tape, so they break into a house and watch different videos to see if it’s the one, which sets off the movie and other “videos”.


Second one is Amateur Night, which is pretty wild from the start. Three friends trying to score with girls and bring them back to their apartment. But one of the girls, Lily (played by a ghoulish Hannan Fierman), is more then she seems.


The third, “Second Honeymoon,” is your typical stalker story concerning a married couple.


The fourth, “Tuesday the 17th,” is about a group of friends being stalked by a killer in the woods. Due to the camera, it appears as a glitch, looking like a monster.


The fifth “The sick thing that happened to Emily when she was younger,” is really weird, just look at the title. It about a girl named Emily (obviously) and she think something is weird going on with her, witch weird growths in her arms and she thinks her apartment is haunted. But it not your typical story, believe me.


The last one, “10/31/98,” is about a group of friends on Halloween. While going out, they go to the wrong house and all hell breaks loose (literally).


The film got mixed reviews, but I actually liked it. I always found Found Footage film appealing and I always love anthology films. My personal favorite was the last one, always love a good haunted house story. This is the film for horror aficionados and other aficionados alike.