Kayla Davies | BLEU

NYC Street Style

New York City is known for street style! No other place for trendy street style than at the Fashion Institute of Technology! I walked around the general area of Chelsea and asked people with cool outfits what made them put on that specific outfit on today and what their priorities were when getting ready?

“It got really cold needed some sweat pants something that doesnt stand out too much like muted colors!” Daigo Fukuda, 21, FIT student, “comfort”

Taken By Yours Truly @ FIT Daigo Fukuda

“I haven’t worn this since I bought it so I figured I should and it’s on a nice cold day like today so I thought it would help. I thought it looks good with the black and its simple,” Noah Acevedo, 20 West Chester Community College student “I like to wear a lot of black so I usually start with pants something dark and then I start with my shoes and then I just pick whatever shirt goes with it. I always have this necklace on.”

Taken By Yours Truly
@ FIT Noah Acevedo

I passed by a group of friends and I found out they were actually from China and here to study fashion here at FIT. They were in a rush to close so their answers were very short! I loved their outerwear and how their outfits looked effortless yet classy.

“it’s cold”, Cici, 22, FIT student, “I like jackets.”

Taken By Yours Truly @ FIT Cici

Michelle’s vibrant sweatshirt with the Bob Marley album was super street style!

“I like street style.” Michelle, 24, FIT student, “I like colors and comfort”

Taken By Yours Truly @ FIT Michelle

What drew me into Rosie’s outfit was that she wore complementary colors together.

“The cold weather” Rosie, 23, FIT student, “I like to wear more comfortable clothes”