Wararie Boswell

Q & A With Waraire Boswell

Words by Dominique Carson

Bleulife Media talks with fashion designer Waraire Boswell on his fashion line with 1800 Tequila.

1.What did you create with 1800 Tequila? 

worked with 1800® Tequila to create a custom suit made of raw and refined materials for De’Angelo Russell to wear at the 2017 ESPY’s.  I teamed up with 1800® Tequila to release the Refined from the Raw series. It was great working with 1800, as they provided me a platform of expression and allowed me to be my true authentic self. 

2.Why did the two business decided to create a line out of raw materials?

The platform is about taking raw pieces and creating fine pieces.  
I thought of a few fabrics that for the bill, ultimately going beyond my normal comfort level and locating alternate fabrics was the best move.

3. Why did Boswell and 1800 Tequila name their fashion line, “Refined from the Raw,” 
 I created a capsule comprised of trousers, shirt and jacket are made of raw and repurposed vintage military surplus fabrics, refined by my creative vision and my experiences. So refined from the raw is the finished product all sourced from raw materials.
4. Does the “Refined from the Raw” fit every body type?

Yes, the suit fits any body type.  Especially those with confidence and authority to carve their own path and stay true to themselves. 

5. Why did you choose to partner with 1800 Tequila?

I chose to partner with 1800® Tequila, for their passion, hard work and pursuit to breaking conformity through a modern medium, in a world that settles on being one-dimensional.

6. Will there be any footage on social media that will highlight the making of the clothing line, “Refined From the Raw?”