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Classic Movie Review: ‘The Cell’

The Cell was made in 2000 by Tarsem Singh. This is more of a sci-fi/thriller film, but it has some horror elements.

The film is about a psychiatrist named Catherine (played by Jenifer Lopez), who helps her patients by a treatment that enters the patient’s mind. Then a schizophrenic serial killer name Stargher, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, who falls into a coma and the FBI can’t find that last victim he kidnapped. So they decided to use the treatment and Catherine volunteers to go into his twisted world.

The visual affects of this film are insane. Singh originally made commercials before this film, so he knows about visual affects. There is a lot of symbolism in the film and it’s so bright and colorful that it likes watching an acid trip.

Jenifer Lopez was pretty decent in this film, giving the character of Catherine a gentle and caring side of a child psychiatrist.  Vincent D’Onofrio is brilliant as Stargher, showing both the sick, twisted side of him and the vulnerability of an abused victim. Vince Vaughn is also good as the FBI agent, Novacks, who is trying to find Stargher’s latest victim. You could see he hates his job, but bears it to get guys like Stargher off the streets.

There are a lot of memorable scenes while in Straghers twisted world. His alter-egos are visually scary, ranging from a guignol king to a satyr with horns made out of hair.

This film got mixed reviews, most praise going to the visual effects. Some thought the story was bland and didn’t like the idea of a serial killer being a victim of sorts. I believe this was a good film, with a good plot and a decent cast. D’Onofrio is the one who steals the show thought. The visual effects are incredibly done and will leave you spiraling.