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Gordon Hayward’s Gruesome Injury Reminds Athletes That They Aren’t Invincible

In sports, fans root for their teams in winning the game against the opponents. They will cheer and boo the other team because of their sports hate towards players. Sometimes it is personal and can go beyond professionalism, but when it comes to horrific or gruesome injuries, that stuff is thrown away. Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome injury to his ankle and leg, which made many players and those who saw it in disbelief and shocked on how it happened in the first NBA regular season game.

Athletes in the people’s eyes are either role models or celebrities. Their presence alone make fans show joy and excitement if they ever meet the star. But these athletes are human beings that aren’t indestructible in any way. Everyone saw what happened to Paul George a few years ago when he suffered a broken leg in an exhibition game. George did the same thing over and over again on stopping a player from scoring. But out of nowhere, a freak accident occurs in front of players. That picture is never gonna be forget for these basketball players and even other athletes in sports.

Their confidence is shaken up and no one would blame them if they didn’t take risks as far as jumping or making a huge cut on the court. Heck even on a football field where there is a 100 percent chance of getting hurt. Hopefully Hayward’s career isn’t over due to this injury, but athletes need to be cautious as well. Any given moment in their career can end with a freakish accident. It’s important that they take notes on making sure their body is ready for any uncomfortable landings from a jump.

The author: RaymondM