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Netflix’s Mindhunter Review

Mindhunter is a crime/drama show on Netflix that starred on October 13, 2017. Its based on the true crime book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, which was written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. It stars Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallney and it’s about the early days of criminal profiling and how the BSU (Behavioral Science Unit) was formed.

The film starts off with Agents Ford (Groff) and Tench (McCallney), in 1977, who realized that they are not learning enough about criminal behavior and come up with the idea to interview serial killers to get an inside look inside their heads. They hit some snags, the bureau not taking them seriously and others taking them too seriously. Having to have their office in the basement where it’s mostly used for storage. Having to listen day in and out about their most vile acts, such as rape, necrophilia, and butchery. We watch as it takes its toll on both men, affecting their health and relationships.

This is really interesting, a true gem for crime junkies. Ford and Tench are actually based on John E.Douglas and Mark Olshaker, the original founders of the FBI’s original BSU. You feel for the men as they are both disgusted but fascinated by their subjects, such as we, the audience, are. One of the most unsettling scenes is when they are interviewing Ed Kemper, the co-ed killer, who is played by Cameron Britton. Kemper is so polite and friendly to his interviewers, especially Ford. But you almost forget he killed 11 women, including his mother, who is a necrophiliac. It’s so ghoulish.

As a true crime junkie, I found this show to be very interesting, especially with the history behind it. I think others will like this and will want some more.