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Are The NBA Players Still In Preseason Mode?

One week in the books for the 2017-18 NBA regular season and already there are a lot of rusty teams. Stars around the league aren’t putting up elite numbers, especially for fans that are doing fantasy basketball leagues. There is a lackluster of defense and so much complain on not getting any calls. Does all of this have to do with the season starting early, which is messing up the rhythm of these players?

Lets look back at what happened last season. NBA fans and those going to games were complaining about the top players taking a rest day on national television. Clearly they were saving up for the postseason, but that also hurts ticket sales for owners. Without these stars, they wouldn’t get the views and sponsors. So commissioner Adam Silver decided to put less back-to-back games for this season, and that results into less preseason games.

People complain in all sports of players playing too many preseason games because injuries can happen at any given moment. Well, these injuries are still happening even it is a freak accident. The body needs to be in basketball shape and practicing scrimmage games isn’t good enough. The best teams like the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are off to slow starts. Sure Cleveland is 2-1 but they loss by more than 20 points against the Orlando Magic. Golden State getting destroyed in Memphis is the championship hangover and boredom as well. It goes the same for these new big three teams like OKC and Minnesota, who are still trying to figure out their roles.

Maybe the players are still in preseason mode. Maybe they are just trying to settle in and develop chemistry with their teammates (Although Golden State shouldn’t have an excuse). But the teams will gel by late November and hopefully everyone gets to see that to satisfy their expectations.

The author: RaymondM