Emily Spelman | BLEU

Lately A$AP Rocky has been all over the fashion world, rocking Gucci, Raf Simons, you name it. But he has not forgotten about where he started and that is; music. From his first appearances on Youtube with the Mob to his first album Live. Love. ASAP. He sat down with GQ to talk about his journey and getting back into his music. He told them that his number one priority right now is music and that “last year was businesses and developing all our new artists.” This new album is all about new sounds and experimenting with it all, doing stuff that other people have never done before and finding that sweet spot of music. He wants to grow with his music and with his fans in ways that other artists don’t do, like the top 100 billboard songs. He believes that there is a reason his music takes so long to get finished because, “I don’t just rap—I actually make music.” Be on the look out for this new, magical, experimental A$AP album because he told GQ that it would be out within the year, “ASAP – no pun intended.”