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4 Reasons To Watch ‘Hannibal’

Hannibal is a psychological/thriller series that starred in NBC and lasted three seasons, starting from 2013-2015. Director Bryan Fuller said the show will soon pick up for a fourth season, even though it has been two years since the finale ended. The fandom for this show has grown over the years, I included and fans are called fannibals.


Here are four reasons why you should watch Hannibal:



1-Mads freakin Mikkelsen


Like many others that saw Anthony Hopkins in the silence of the lambs, I was worried how Mikkelsen was going to portray Hannibal Lecter, who is so well known in cinema history. Nobody had to worry. Mikkelsen did his own portrayal and he hit the ground running. His portrayal of Lecter was the pretentious, manipulative, but suave serial killer/cannibal. When asked how he thought of portraying Lecter, Mikkelsen just said he wanted to play Lector as a fallen angel, like Lucifer, who saw beauty in the macabre. Well, you did it, Mads!


2-Bromance between Lector and Graham


The show centers on Mikkelsen’s character Hannibal and Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy, an unstable profiler who can literally get inside the killer’s mind and see how the crimes are taking place. The two men circles around each other, not realizing that it’s both dangerous and breathtaking, bringing out the worst and the best in each other.


The chemistry between these two is insane! They could just stare at each other and the entire scene is charged with sexual tension. It also helps that Dancy and Mikkelsen have a ten-year friendship, so they work well with each other. It’s no wonder why so many people think of them as a couple, putting the ship name Hannigram.


3-The Atmosphere


The atmosphere of this show is incredible. The kill scenes are almost erotic, like watching a symphony made out of flesh. Lector makes his kills and victims into works of art, like a macabre painting come to life. The show feels very gothic, with the atmosphere, cinematography and twisted courtship between Hannibal and Will.


4-Bryan Fuller


Bryan Fuller is the director and producer of Hannibal and this isn’t his first work. He has done a couple of Star Trek: DS9 episodes, Pushing Daises, Dead Like Me and his most recent work, American Gods. Fuller has a fabulous imagination and is not afraid to go through barriers to film what he wants, and also loves his fans enthusiasm for the show. Kudos, Fuller!