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So Bad its Good: ‘Slither’ Review

Slither is a 2006 sci-fi/comedy film directed by James Gunn (his directorial debut).It stars Nathan Fillion, Gregg Henry, Elizabeth Bank and Michael Rooker.


The film starts when a meteorite hits the towns of Wheelsy, South Carolina. Gran Grant(played by Rooker) and yes that is his actual name, is drunk one night and goes exploring in the woods. He see’s the meteorite and pokes it with a stick (worse idea ever!). It then sticks him with a dart, which transformsEVIEW him into a really nasty squid monster that uses worms to infect people, who then become zombies.


The most memorable scene is when Grant impregnates a woman named Brenda. He does it using tentacles to infect her, hide her in a barn where he feeds her, mostly small animals. She then becomes this huge sphere of stretched flesh with a small head. When Sheriff Pardy (Fillion) and Grants wife, Starla (Bank) and the sheriff’s posse shows up, they look at her in horror, but she then explodes (torn apart). Thousands of worms burst out of her, infecting some of the group. It was so gross! But the worse is to come when we see Grant transform into a squid creature with long tentacles, long teeth and looks like a disfigured blob of skin. He looks so nasty.


Now, first things first, this is a bad movie. Not Sharknado bad, but bad. Sometimes you wonder just how these people even managed to survive long before the meteor hit. This was a box office flop, but it gained positive reviews and developed a cult status.


Now, I really thought this was a dumb film, I can’t even watch it again because it was so bad. But if you like cult movies, sci-fi, comedy or like just movies with dumb plots, then you will like this one.