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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Needs To Be A Man And Accept The Suspension

On Monday night, U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla enforced the six-game suspension of Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott over domestic violence allegations in the summer of 2016. While it looks to be real this time and the fact that Elliott likely will appeal again in order to play football games, it’s time for him to be a man and accept the suspension.

Elliott, who is part of the Cowboys winning streak thus far, can’t continue to run away from the suspension. The public see’s this as a bad look on the running back. The NFL over the past few seasons have made terrible decisions when it comes to players doing criminal acts. Whether it is assault, drunk driving or committing a felony, it takes so much time on getting the right decision. In reality, it shouldn’t take so long since the law has a strict sentence to those that do assault, rape and other horrific things.

And some players around the league aren’t exactly role models in society. They made mistakes and moved on. But if they continue to do the same problem, owners still side with them because of one thing: winning. Elliott with six rushing touchdowns leading the NFL is helping Cowboys have a positive record. He is one of the stars on the team and supposedly a leader as well. If he really wants to lead by example and be respected in the locker room, accept the suspension and apologize to the public.

At some point in his career Elliott need to look at the long term goals, not trying to make the wild card and lose against a legit Super Bowl contender. Serving this suspension also gives him a break from hits and focus on getting the body right for a potential postseason berth. Let’s see if Elliott makes the right decision before their next game.

The author: RaymondM