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Lewis Howes is Getting Real About Masculinity and Vulnerability

Former athlete and businessman, Lewis Howes is getting real about masculinity, vulnerability, and how to balance out the two.

At the age of 30, Lewis Howes seemed to have it all. He had a successful career as an athlete, and when it was time to retire from sports, he became a very successful businessman. In that role, he was achieving his goals, and pursing opportunities that anybody in his field would ever dream about. But, it was not all perfect — quite the opposite actually. Although he was thriving, he often felt angry and unfulfilled.

In his new book, which drops tomorrow, The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong Relationships and Live Their Fullest Lives, Howes delves into the many facets of a man’s life: work, relationships, sex, ect., and examines the different “masks” that men put on in order to deal with these different situations. Once the reader understands the barriers men put up, Howes shares how to break down those walls because only then can they live their best lives.

Ladies are encouraged to read the book as well, especially if they are in a relationship, to better understand the male psyche and the man they love. Howes understands that reading the words, and actually putting them into action are two completely different things, but he says, “…if you want to be loved, and live a great life, then it’s an odyssey to self-discovery that all modern men must take.”

As if being a NTY Bestseller wasn’t enough, the ex pro-football player, turned businessman, turned lifestyle entrepreneur, has a podcast as well called, The School of Greatness. Listeners get to hear from some of the greatest business-minded people, successful athletes, and celebrities that have a lot of impact on the world. All of this is done to achieve this goal: “…to help find out what makes great people great,” making you great in the process.


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