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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Review: Lives Up To Expectations

On October 27th, we were once again thrust into the world of the upside down. “Stranger Things” season 2 has started and the adventures of Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas along with telekinetic child, Eleven, came back to Netflix this year, and it is much better than before.

The story starts off a year after the events of last season; everyone is still reeling from it. Nancy still feels guilt for Barbs death, Mike is trying to contact Eleven and Will is seeing terrifying visions of another monster in the upside down, which is bigger than the previous one. Hopper, our favorite sheriff, is noticing that plants around the new lab are starting to rot, realizing that they look a lot like the one in the Upside Down world. We see new characters join in the fray. Max (played by Sadie Sink), a new kid who joins the boys in their adventures, Bob Newby (played by the likable Sean Astin), Joyce’s new boyfriend, and Kali (played by Linea Berthelson), a girl that has a deep connection to Eleven’s past. We also learn more about the labs and the consequences of their actions of making the gate.

The Duffer brothers outdid themselves this season! This season was filled with action, more drama, and more “God, I hope nothing happens to my babies” moments. The expansion on Eleven’s back-story is great, feeling more and more for the young girl. Also showing what they are exactly dealing with from the upside down and how its affecting Will is both terrifying and cringing. We see the young boy have seizures and terrifying visions of the newest monster. Kudos, Noah Schnapp!

So, this is a great season and it makes you want more and wonder just how they are going to top it next year with season 3. A definite must see!

10 out of 10