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The Tactic Behind Why JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Tickets Sold At $6

Word has been going around that JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ tour tickets were being sold for as low as $6 a pop on StubHub. According to Hypebeast, the tickets were part of a strategic plan to squeeze out ticket resellers and garner larger profits for the artist and labels by challenging the market prices for the best seats.

By pricing the tickets way below expected prices, JAY-Z and Live Nation are able to generate more revenue and narrow the possibility for ticket resellers to profit. This ingenious tactic takes off pressure on the upper-level seating sections. Billboard said, “Priced out of the top tier, many ticket brokers are stuck buying and selling tickets in the upper bowl,” then adds “and since consumers can still choose between buying the same seat on the primary or the secondary, many brokers end up selling off tickets below face value, taking a loss.”