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Cavs’ Struggles Continues To Frustrate LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to be one of the NBA’s disappointing teams thus far. The roster filled with a lot of veterans haven’t lived up to expectations, at least for the first couple of games. Everyone knows there are a lot of new pieces and it’s gonna take a while. But the one missing factor in all of this is their lack of effort on defense, and that continues to frustrate LeBron James.

James, who is averaging 28.8 points, 7.2 assists and 9.0 rebounds, is playing the best all-around game in his 15th season. Even at 32 years old his peak performance is much better than the 25-year-old players. However, it is not enough. James continues to play more than 38 minutes a game and he still looks at his teammates in frustration of why they are not performing at a high level.

Kevin Love is still inconsistent on most nights despite putting up solid numbers. JR Smith is lost on the court, probably still upset of not starting earlier in the season, but still struggling offensively. Derrick Rose is a one trick pony, all about the drives and nothing else. Tristan Thompson is out for a month with a calf strain, Dwyane Wade is showing his age on the court, and Iman Shumpert still stinks as a bench player. Everyone else on the roster is old and can’t score without James being the main passer. They are a bad defensive team since last season.

This isn’t the vision that James had in mind. He doesn’t want to start slow in the eastern conference, which continues to be competitive due to the young teams making noise. The 32-year-old knows it is all about the postseason, stay healthy throughout the run, and make another Finals appearance. But is it really worth it considering how great the Golden State Warriors are?

That is a question James needs to answer by January. Maybe other moves are on the way, but it has to start on the defensive end for them to considered a major threat to Golden State and the other contenders.

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