Emily Spelman | BLEU

Diddy Pranked Us All

If you weren’t around for the news that Diddy would be changing his name to “Brother Love” don’t you worry, it is not happening. He posted this very thought, provoking real video of him explaining that he is not actually changing his name. That this was part of his “alter egos” and how you can’t really “play around with the internet.” Anything that gets onto the internet has a chance of becoming the truth unless you can clear some stuff up, like Diddy did.

He originally posted this video on Twitter saying how it was time to change his name this time. That he was feeling this big shift towards Love, and how he knew it was risky, but knew that it was time. Diddy is just full of love and wanted his fans and people on the internet to know that! Maybe he shouldn’t have gone so far as to say he was changing his name but then again, that’s what click bait is all about.