Emily Spelman | BLEU

Tyler’s Show Will Have a Soundtrack Album

Tyler, The Creator has a new show out on Adult Swim right now called “The Jellies” which is full of music written specifically for the episodes. Tyler sat down with GQ and talked about how different working on a show has been for him and how making music for a television show has forced him to learn more and more. He told them that we will be getting an album of some sort filled with real music from the show. The intro to all the other 2 minute songs you hear in the tv show will be in an album soon enough he says. The intro song, “Pop Yo Coochie” is an actual real song that he wrote specifically for The Jellies and want to let his fans know that it will be released into something you can listen to 24/7. Tyler is a multi talented artist who is balancing a clothing line, a tv show, music and just being a human. When GQ asked how he balances all of these things he told them that he doesn’t “see any of it as work. [He] is just doing what [he’d] be doing for free.” He says how he didn’t come from money and that he gets to be working with his friends while getting paid, everyone getting paid. Be on the lookout for The Jellies Soundtrack Album in the near future!