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Four Reasons To Watch Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction thriller that aired in 2013-2017, lasting five seasons. The series is about a girl named Sarah Manning (played by Tatiana Maslany), a grifter that took over the life of a woman named Beth, seeing here commit suicide and realizes that she looks like her. But instead of a simple score, she realizes that things are deeper then she thinks. She realizes she is a clone, and so was Beth, along with five other clones she meets. The series is interesting and written well. Here are four reasons to watch Orphan Black.


1-Tatiana Maslany


Maslany is fantastic as the clones. Each clone has a different look, different accent, and different personalities and she just nails it. For example, Rachel is the suburban soccer mom, Cosima is the dreadlocked scientist, Helena is the assassin with the Ukrainian accent, Rachel is the ice-queen businesswoman, and Sarah is the grifter with the English accent. She played all their mannerisms, personality and body language for a specific character. Give this girl all the awards!


2-Science of Life?


The show makes you really thinking philosophically. Are clones real people or are they less than human? The clones all deal with a sense of identity and the effects of their life. It also deals with the morals of cloning, since their lives are constantly monitored, due to the fact they have all been sterilized (except Helena and Sarah) and have monitors watching them. Their argument is; since they made them they can test them however they want.  It’s a real moral dilemma.


3-Science and Religion


One of the oldest arguments is said in this show, science versus religion. There are two groups that are adversaries in the show that the clones get mixed up in. The Proletheans, a religious fanatical sect and the Dyad Group, the scientists who are an air of mystery and have ties to the clones. The storyline is around these two groups, both struggling for power and control.


4-The Storyline


The storyline of this show is great. Each episode drags you in and leaves you with more questions. Each episode brings you closer to the clones back-story and how they came to be. From their origins to secrets to even more clones, this is an interesting show.