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5 Controversial Films Part 1

There are films that are just too controversial that are either banned from the US or you have to go to another country to watch. Some have been lifted from the ban and you can now watch it whenever you want. The notoriety has made other people flock to them. Because this list is so long, I will separate it into 2 lists. So here are part 1 of controversial films.


Shivers is David Croenbergs first film and it’s Canadian and came out in 1975. The film centers around a scientist that made parasite to help with transplants but instead made it like a venereal disease, ramping up sexual desire. The parasites start infecting people in an apartment building, where the infected run around having orgies and raping people, infecting them. This film got banned for awhile and only recently got back into the states. Its pretty tamed compared to what we see now, but it’s still kinda gross.


Another one of Croenbergs film, that came out in 1996. This one is about couples that get turned on by car crashes. Yeah, car crashes. You see people crashing their cars and then having sex when they get out, people with scars from previous ones and this one scene when a guy has sex with a woman in a body brace on top of a car. A lot of people thought this was trashy film, like myself and was too promiscuous for the cinema.

3-I Spit on your grave

I spit on your grave is a rape-revenge film that came out in 1978. It centers around a woman who is on vacation at a lake house and is viciously gang raped by four men. She is left for dead and then is raped a second time. She then plots to get revenge on her rapists. This film is hard to watch since the rape scenes are so graphic and long. I barely could stomach it and it has gained notoriety and sequels and remakes.


Nekromantik is a horror German film that came out in 1987. There is the only reason why this film is notarized and banned; NECROPHILIA! Which means sex with dead bodies and they show it. That is all.

5-Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers is a satirical crime film that came out in 1994. Its plot is around two spree killers, a married couple that is sensationalized in the media, making them into celebrities. The film got a lot of controversies (though they hit the nail on the head with the time period). The film inspired other spree killings, one of the most well known are the Columbine shooters. Even though I can’t think of people who are dumb enough to get inspired by a fictional movie, it still happened.